Welcome to our new site dedicated solely to fidget spinners.

We have been running a number of sites in the electronic cigarette industry and have applied our manufacturing abilities and contacts to producing fidget spinners. For reference our other websites are





Why buy from us?

Our expertise is rooted in the fact that we have been producing parts and components for over five years. Over the years we have made countless contacts in the mechanical design and production industry and are in a unique position to apply the skills we've learnt and take advantage of the production facilities at our disposal.

Support: We're here to answer any queries

Service: All orders made before Midday will be securely packed and despatched the same day. We aim to try to accommodate other orders placed by 15:30, time permitting. Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our commitment to you.

History: We have a robust customer service reputation and years of experience fulfilling orders placed with us efficiently.

Quality: We go further to ensure that we source superior items and work directly with major manufacturers. We do not compromise our standards because we understand that you appreciate items that you can rely on and have assurance in.

Price: Our mission is to bring you excellent value by bringing the best products at affordable prices. 

Safety: All of our products and services are insured with a comprehensive product liability policy.

Products: We are always looking for exciting new products to add to our lines. If there are products that you'd like to see us stock please get in touch and we'll make that happen.

Stocking: We try to hold reasonable quantities of all of our products. Some parts have a long production lead time and there may be gaps in the supply from time to time.