• Purple anodised 6061T aerospace grade aluminium frame
  • Hardened 420 stainless steel weights
  • Removable 304 stainless steel centre button
  • Hybrid Si3N4 bearing
  • Gift boxed

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These fidget spinners have been machined entirely out of metal. The frame is milled from 6061T aerospace grade aluminium then anodised which provides a colourful protective layer on the frames surface.

The three weights have been machined from 420 stainless steel which have the undergone a hardening process to make them more durable.

The centre parts are machined from food grade 304 stainless steel and have a smooth finish.

This spinners bearing is a hybrid ceramic bearing with steel races and black Si3N4 ceramic balls. Out of the box you can expect at least a two minute single handed spin, more after a short period of use.

Supplied packaged in a soft linen bag and a laser cut wooden gift box.


By on  10 Mar 2017 (ZDT TRI FIDGET SPINNER - PURPLE) :


I have spoken to Rob, the talented designer of this spinner, to find out more about it. Rob wanted to make a difference to people who need to fiddle with something to help them concentrate the mind. These could be kinaesthetic learners, creative thinkers or those who wish just remain calm and focused. Rob's spinner project happened for all the right reasons.

Compared to other hand spinners this is an impressive, weighty beast. It offers great solidity and is wonderfully aerodynamic. It spins smoothly and is a joy to flick between the fingers. The quality of the materials used are excellent and the standard of fit and finish on a level with far more expensive offerings and it's highly tactile nature makes it hard to put down even when you are not spinning it.

This is a tri-Spinner so you wouldn't expect to experience too much wobble or play. My copy is flutter free and feels like it is connected to a hidden power source. No wobble, just the slight swish and tingle from the Aluminium frame as sings happily when spinning.

There are no bearings at the poles of this spinner, Rob has created dedicated steel weights that push the mass to where it is needed for fast and long spin times. The bearing used is, I think, a high quality Hybrid Ceramic 608. It handles the weight of the poles superbly and is easy to clean once the caps are unscrewed. Spin times are an often 'overrated' measure of a spinner especially if it is made to fidget with. However, you will easily see 3 minutes plus and probably more with cleaning and break in. A vertical power spin feels like a small car with a large super charger fitted and the speed can come as a bit of a surprise if you are used to lesser offerings.

So are there any negatives? Not many and they are only things that are a direct result of creating a unique spinner that pushes out so much power. Some may argue it's a little heavy to EDC, perhaps but this is subjective. Not for me, its fine. I know one excellent review noted that the buttons are a little too smooth. Yes you have to grip them harder but if you are just fidgeting this is less of an issue IMO.

The biggest 'draw back' is that this spinner is just gagging to sit on an expensive desk or a futuristic, newly unboxed Mac inspired work space. It almost demands it be treated to this level of accommodation, given it's "2001 A Space Odyssey" lines, it's class and swagger and it's flawless gleaming finish. SO........ n these circumstances you are going to want to table spin it! Sadly this remarkable piece of engineering simply refuses. The buttons are a fraction too short. There IS an dirty fix that can be done but it's better if you contact the maker directly if you want to try it. HOWEVER, Rob has been listening and in future production runs the spinner WILL be able to table spin. Rob explained to me (his communication and customer service is peerless) that he was focused on making the best 'hand' he could and that the table spin was of a lesser concern. If you buy this spinner today I am told that Rob will be making the new 'taller' buttons available to retro fit. Something to look forward too!

Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend this spinner, especially as the table spin will become a reality. If you worship at the font of the Stubby you are going to want one of these as a wonderful counterpoint or as another classic piece UK design innovation. I have Apologies for the length, but It is important that the spinner gets all the praise it deserves. Superb.

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